U.S. based Interior Designer DeliaKenza and Art Consultant Schwanda Rountree curate and design spaces with contemporary art and modern design elements.

DeliaKenza is a Brooklyn-based interior designer who specializes in complete renovations of urban living spaces. She officially launched her career in home design nine years ago, putting her stamp on a diverse range of projects – from her own real estate investments to renovations for clients who place unequivocal trust in her design vision for their homes.

She realized her passion for design at a young age, heavily influenced by Delia, the grandmother whose name she shares. “She was elegant in everything she did, everything she wore, and in how she lived,” Delia says.  A seamstress by trade, Delia Kenza’s grandmother surrounded herself with beauty. From the “emerald green slubbed silk” she used to reupholster her sofa, to the “delicate porcelain dishes” in her cabinets, it was clear to Delia Kenza, even as a child, that her grandmother was a person of quality and style with exquisite taste.  

Today, the grandmother’s namesake puts her own interpretation on what elegance means in the 21st century. Preferring bold, clean lines, natural materials and a neutral palette augmented by carefully chosen color accents, Delia Kenza creates custom interiors with a very modern aesthetic that incorporates subtle touches of the past.  This parallel appreciation for the past and present results in a delicate, comfortable and thoroughly pleasing balance that bucks current trends, is never static, and relies on her organic sense of what works. Drawing inspiration from “almost any physical source” around her – Delia is influenced by everything from    an evening spent at the ballet to a museum exhibit.

Buoyed by her grandmother’s influence and a life of rich experiences, (including a short stint as a self-taught auto mechanic, and years as a successful lawyer, Delia Kenza’s design inclinations have resulted in beautiful, practical and unique interiors.    Her work has been featured in publications like New York Magazine and Brownstoner and on platforms such as, HGTV and Open House New York.

DeliaKenza resides in Brooklyn with her husband and two daughters.



Attorney and Art Consultant, Schwanda Rountree, places contemporary art in museums and private collections, domestically and internationally.  She currently serves as Advisory Board Member of the Spelman College Museum of Fine Art and Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation.  Schwanda has also served as Advisory Panel Member of CulturalDC, Executive Board Member of the Porter Colloquium on African American Art, Member of ArtTable, and Advisory Board Member for the 30 Americans exhibition at the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

Schwanda has curated several art exhibitions including ones during Miami Art Basel and the DC Jazz Festival.  She has spoken on art panels at institutions and galleries, such as the Corcoran, the Phillips Collection, the National Museum of Women in the Arts, and Rush Arts Gallery in New York. She has served as Contributing Writer for the International Review on African American Art.  She is currently a Consultant for the Joan Mitchell Foundation based in New York.